The Top Headlines of Summer News Raise Questions About National Priorities

Written by Channel 13 Baltimore. Posted in Homepage

If you thought the summer would bring with it a lull in any interesting recent news stories, you thought wrong. There has been no shortage of issues that have captured national attention, from groundbreaking developments to irrelevant non stories that have little real bearing on our lives.

First there was the National Security Agency scandal, in which it was revealed by former CIA official and NSA contractor Edward Snowden that the government had indeed instituted a mass surveillance program that included the tapping of phones owned by millions of Americans. This news brought what had in the past been merely implications of government abuse to the forefront of the public discourse, as such government actions may pose a legitimate threat to Americans 4th Amendment right curtailing search and seizure without just cause.

From that most relevant of interesting news reports, public attention then turned to the human interest news involving the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges first child, a son. While a momentous occasion for the country of England, it has no bearing on public life here in the United States. That lack of relevancy, however, was not enough to stop the sudden inundation of coverage, which itself was a reflection of the collective fascination with Prince William and Kate that has been prevalent since the beginning.

And then there was perhaps the most irrelevant, least surprising yet interesting news story that former U.S. representative Anthony Weiner had continued to engage in sexting after resigning from office in 2011 and having recently formalized his intentions to seek the office of New York City mayor. The problem with this recent interesting news is that it distracts from the real problems that face the country. It is nothing more than a titillating headline, which does nothing to shine light on the real underlying issues that infect our current political system.

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