Baltimore, Are You Looking for a Way to Keep up on the Most Interesting News?

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Recent interesting news

Wading through the enormous black hole of information that is the internet can be a lengthy, boring, and tumultuous exercise in failure. After all, as statistics from Pingdom show, there are well over 634 million websites. If each of those sites has only a home and an about page, we are talking about 1.3 billion pages of content to sort through, and a vast majority of that is junk!

Finding your way through all of that just to find recent interesting news articles can be too much work for even the biggest power user of the internet. If you want a source of recent interesting news articles covering local Baltimore news, science, and human interests, check out these three sources, and help yourself navigate the endless void that is the web.

  • Channel 13 News Baltimore
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    If you want a source of recent interesting news articles covering the Charm City, then turn to Channel 13 news in Baltimore. The news outlet covers a wide variety of stories that Baltimore residents find important. For instance, the outlet recently covered the plight of the man caught in a collapsed trench in the city. Of course, Channel 13 Baltimore’s coverage is not just doom and gloom. They recently covered Faidley’s Crab Cakesand their bid for glory on the Travel Channel show “Best Sandwiches in America”. If you want local news, Channel 13 is a great choice.

  • The Scientific American
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    The Scientific American was first published in 1845 as a way to get recent interesting news articles pertaining to science in front of the interested American public. Now the longest running magazine in the United States, the source offers the best science news in print. Are you interested in Tesla Motors’ push for clean-energy vehicles? What about the idea that the universe may be curved instead of flat? If recent interesting news articles about science are what you crave, there is no better source.

  • National Public Radio
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    Many people make the mistake of thinking NPR is simply a radio station because of its name. However, the source also runs a high quality website featuring stories on politics, interesting business news, and science. The site is best known for its coverage of human interest stories. Segments like “This American Life” and “The Two-Way” are some of the best sources for human interest news anywhere. If you want variety but prefer a focus on human interest, this one is for you.

Whatever sort of recent interesting news articles you are looking for, there is a source for you. Follow the Scientific American and National Public Radio for great coverage of science and human interest news, respectively. Keep on eye on Channel 13 for a look at the important local stories happening near you. Whatever your flavor, keep on reading!