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20 Seconds To Firestorm Survival

Written by Channel 13 Baltimore. Posted in Homepage

Like a flash of lightning, fire shelter technology winds its way into the interesting news of today. When the devastating, interesting news of today came rushing out of Arizona after 19 firefighters had lost their lives in a wildfire, our focus turned to looking at the technologies that should have prevented their demise.

We used to think of wildfires as interesting news reports that were a consistent part of the summer heat waves striking the mountain and western states in the U.S., but that was before the human interest news turned tragic. The Yarnell, Arizona blaze became the single largest loss of firefighters since the September 11 tragedies and a bit of a mystery as investigators search for clues. For those of us watching the interesting news of today from afar, we cannot forget that the fire crews are fighting for the residents and their homes, and their own lives.

So how does the next wave of fire crews stay safe if they are suddenly entrapped by fire? Their last line of defe